A FREE 30 Min Session to Connect
with the Love Peace Harmony Field


with Master Sha's Leading Teacher and Healer, Alexia Cito



Brought to you by Love Peace Harmony Foundation and Master Sha’s Global Tao Centre.

Welcome to Your Mid-Week Reset! 

Love Peace Harmony Live is a complimentary half hour session hosted every Wednesday. 


During these live sessions, you'll be part of a global community where you'll hear inspiring stories and experience the transformative power of the Tao Calligraphy Tao Song Love Peace Harmony Field.

This incredible field has the ability to create positive transformation in your life.

We invite you to take a mid-week break and join us in this uplifting and inspiring space. Let's come together to raise our vibrations and experience the transformative power of Love Peace Harmony Live.


It’s a space to be inspired, release stress and raise the vibe. 

For 30 Min Every Week, You’ll Get To... 

Be Inspired by Uplifting Stories 

Experience the Power of Tao Calligraphy™ and Tao Song™

Connect to the Love Peace Harmony Field 

Show up, tune in, and get ready to uplift your frequency!

Hosted by Love Peace Harmony Foundation Co-Director and Leading Teacher and Healer, Alexia Cito


Alexia Cito, Managing Co-Director at Love Peace Harmony Foundation, is passionately committed as one of Master Sha’s leading teachers and healers worldwide.

Her career began in film & television from where she brings a dynamic creativity and presence to her many roles. Alexia believes everyone has a uniqueness, and she loves to empower others to discover their own light and shine it bright.

A FREE 30 Min Session to Connect
with the Love Peace Harmony Field